Limousine Association Advice

It's easy to set up a dodgy limo hire company as you don't follow any of the rules, get any of the licensing or insurance or join any of the industry associations. However, it is a lot harder and takes a lot more effort to set up a reliable, professional and safe limo hire company and you will be able to see the type of effort a limo hire company has put in well before you set foot into their limousine.

Which is a good thing because you need to know which kind of limo hire company you are hiring ' the dodgy kind or the good kind. There are a lot of different ways to tell the good from the dodgy and there is a lot of advice available on this site and from Hire Limos to help you make that decision. But another thing to look at is whether the limousine hire company is committed to the industry.

Well how do you tell that? Look at whether the limo hire company you are considering is a member of any limousine industry association or groups or has any official certification mentioned on their website or displayed in their office. This is a quick and easy way to see how dedicated the limo hire company is.

Being a member of an industry association, in any industry, is showing your customers that you are welcoming scrutiny, that your company policies are transparent and you want everyone to know. To become a member of a limousine hire association there will be a criteria the limo hire company will have to pass including a check on everything from customer service and clean limos to a clean chauffeur's uniform and full insurance.

Being a member of an industry association also shows that in the busy and stressful time the limo hire company was establishing itself, they still took the time to be certified and become a dedicated member of their industry. Also make sure that if you do see a limo hire company's certification that it is from a real, reputable association.